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First Time Buying a Wetsuit? Pay Attention to These Points

When you first start diving, dive gear can be daunting. As you begin your diving lifestyle you most likely slowly accumulate your kit, starting with a mask and fins and making your way on to bigger purchases.

Getting the right wetsuit can be challenging, and you want to make sure you aren’t disappointed. Here are some of our top tips for choosing the perfect wetsuit.

1. Style

There is such a variety to choose from – long or short? Famer Jane or John? Different wetsuits are made for different purposes and different divers. You must understand where you will be doing most of your diving and what matters most for you. For example, will you be doing lots of pool training? That might mean that you will want full legs if you are kneeling. Are you diving tropical or cold water? Do you prefer to have minimum or maximum coverage? These are just some of the considerations you will encounter as you shop for a wetsuit. Make sure you arm yourself with knowledge. Talk to your instructor or experienced divers about what style they prefer and why. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and be realistic about where you will be spending most of your underwater time.

My personal preference is a Farmer Jane and Jacket combo. This allows me to dive with the Farmer Jane and a rashguard when the water is warm and then add the jacket when the water gets a bit colder. I like the versatility this style offers. But each diver will find out which style suits them best, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and try on lots of suits as you find the perfect wetsuit for you.

2. Water Temperature

The water temperature (as well as your internal thermostat) will help you figure out what kind of wetsuit you need. Will you be diving balmy tropical waters? A 2 or 3 mm suit should do the trick? Will you be in colder temperatures? A 5 or 7 mm suit with thermal lining will be ideal. Are you an occasional diver who tends to dive once or only twice a day? Or are you an instructor doing multiple dives over multiple days? All of these questions will help you determine which wetsuit thickness is best for you.

3. Custom Fit

Most wetsuit brands only offer off-the-rack standard sized wetsuits (XS, S, M, L, XL and/or XXL). But we know that most bodies don’t conform to these standards. To get the perfect fit, your best bet is to order a custom sized wetsuit to fit your every curve . SeaGods happily provides customized wetsuits. Not only can you make it match your design, but you can also make sure it matches your body shape!

4. Bells and Whistles

The perfect suit will have just what you want. Do you prefer a front or back zipper? Do you like ankle and wrist zippers to ease getting into and out of it? Make sure every element of your wetsuit is just as you want it.

Choosing your first wetsuit can be exciting and confusing at the same time. Like any big purchase, you need to measure and weigh the pros and cons. Don’t hesitate to contact the staff at SeaGods for the best advice and the best-fitting wetsuits on the planet.

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