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Important Considerations when Buying a Rashguard

A rashguard is an essential item for anyone who enjoys spending time in the water. Its name is no coincidence. A rashguard effectively protects your skin from the sun, jellyfish stings, sea lice and abrasions. If you have an allergy to neoprene or tend to chafe in the water, it is a great barrier fabric between you and your wetsuit.

1. Size

Though generally made from stretchable materials, you still want to ensure a good fight. Like Goldilocks, make sure it’s not too big, not too small, and JUST RIGHT. SeaGods Wetsuit can assure that you will have the best rashguard for your body, as we offer a wide variety of sizes from children to adult. We can also customize the sizing as needed.

2. Fabric

Rashguards are made from lycra. This is stretchable and elastic, giving you a tight fit conforming to your body and maximizing comfort. Make sure to choose fabrics with UV protection, like the SeaGods rashguards.

3. Neck

The best rashguards protect your body from the sun and other abrasions, so we recommend high neck lines or even hooded rashguards to give you the ultimate in protection.

4. Style

SeaGods offers a wide-range of colors so you can design your own rashguard to express yourself. We also offer mixed neoprene and lycra rash guards with extra warmth for your torso. Don’t forget, at SeaGods you can fully customize your rashguard based on style, pattern, and colors.

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