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Ocean Affinity, Amazing Way of Eyewitnessing Majestic Turtles with Sony RX0

Nusa Tenggara Islands never failed to amuse and amaze people, we can see it through a lot of footages, movies or even social media. ‘Ocean Affinity’ is a movie that was created by The Underwater Tribe, initiated by Sony. One of the biggest results of this short movie is portraying the beauty of the West Nusa Tenggara ocean and its giant turtles amazing appearance.

Sony itself facilitated The Underwater Tribe through Mike Veitch, using one of their best underwater gear, Sony RX0. SeaGods Wetsuit was really honoured to also involve in the making of the movie.

Oli Christen starred the short movie by wearing our freedive suit, and looked completely amazing under the water at Free Dive Flow. He appeared to be adjusting well with the ocean and flowing freely through the water thanks to the freedive suit.

Luca Vaime who also comes from The Underwater Tribe directed Oli Christen and included the preparation for the equipment so that the filming would go smoothly.

This movie was actually taken at Gili Air, West Nusa Tenggara. Where there are plenty of giant turtles breed and becoming one of the most fabulous ‘houses’ for turtles. At least there are about 12-15 kinds of giant turtles that became the main ‘attraction’ for Ocean Affinity.

Through this short movie, you might want to see how free dive suit can give a huge difference and advantage for going up and down through the water flow of the ocean. And you might also want to see how fabulous the ocean life of the giant turtles.

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