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Seven Mandatory Diving Accessories

Here at SeaGods, we have lots of experience pursuing our favorite water sport, diving! These are our top must-have items to improve your diving experience:

1. Dive Bag

This is essential for keeping your gear organized and out of the way when diving from boats or the shore. A big dive bag will allow you to keep all of your items in one place. SeaGods provides you the best bag you can have to pack your diving equipment. With a mesh exterior, your items will dry quickly and no water can accumulate in the bag. SeaGods dive bags are lightweight and easy to store when you aren’t on the water.

2. Mesh Trash Bag

We love the ocean and we want to see it clean. Do you share the habit of picking up stray wrappers and trash you find underwater? This mesh trash bag makes it easy to keep the ocean clean, a must-have for every environmental diver.

3. Pocket Belt

We love the optional pocket belt. Wear it when you need it, store it when you don’t. This is a great tool for instructors and other divers who carry lots of extra accessories. Big enough for slates, SMBs (surface marker buoys) and reels, this pocket set is a godsend, especially for those of you who don’t have pockets on your BCDs. Order your pocket belt from SeaGods today.

4. Lens Cover/Dome Cover

Diving photography has become more and more popular, with a huge range of cameras and lenses available. Protect your investment with a SeaGods lens, dome or strobe cover – made to size!

5. Dive Lights

We recommend a dive light not only for night dives, but also during the day. A dive light will bring out the vibrant colors underwater and enhance every dive experience. Make sure you can store it safely when you aren’t using it, another great use for your pocket belt from SeaGods.

6. Compass

As you learn in an advanced dive course, a compass is very helpful for navigating new sites and preventing you from becoming disoriented.

7. Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

Affectionately known as a dive sausage, the SMB will make sure that you can be seen in the water. It is an essential safety item for rough conditions or crowded areas. Make sure you can be seen by your own boat and passing boats.

As with most things, practice makes perfect. As you become more familiar with your gear, you will feel more comfortable in the water, no matter the suit you are wearing.

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