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Simple and Easy Ways to Keep The Ocean Clean!

The discovery of a noodle pack that endured for more than 2 decades, several months ago, reminded us that our nature is in a really big threat. Humans are still in the huge dependencies of plastic, since plastic took a huge part of human’s life in the whole world. No wonder we found so many deaths of majestic animals like whales, sea turtles, even sea birds which was caused by plastics.

Like it or not, we saw a lot of divers ran into a bunch of craps and trash in the ocean, which are predominantly contained by plastic bags and straws. And as people who love oceans, it is mandatory for us to keep the ocean clean and preventing the animals being suffocated by plastic bags and a good deal of other trash.

We have a lot of tips to keep our ocean clean, but in this article we would like to give you some simple tips to keep our ocean clean from the point of view of divers or surfers. Please pay attention that some of our tips are able to do anytime you would like to try.

Use reusable bags

Bags that make seagulls suffocated are the bags that simply came from our household leftovers. It was being brought by winds, got into the tunnels and then go to the water and by any reason came to the ocean. These bags were only being used ONCE. Now, what we can do from here is that we can try to save the bags that we have and reuse it again for many other purposes. Our bags that are still clean, can be used to pack fruits, vegetables and many things else more than once.

Use recycled bag

Eco-friendly products are being made every day, like one of them is a recycled bag. There are so many materials are able to be recycled, made of papers or fibers which can blend with the soil. Another product is a plastic bag made of vegetables, or even cassava. These products will leave us no worries even if we only use it once and dump it in any places

Use a trashbag from SeaGods

Not only that we produce wetsuits and rashguards, we also believe that we need to be responsible to the ocean as the place we admire so much. We created a trash bag which you can use and bring it while surfing or diving. Once you see a bunch of plastics, in the oceans or shore, you can immediately pick them up and use this bag to temporarily bring it. You might try to whatsapp our friendly staff at +62811 534 9005

The use of straw

Straw is one of the biggest nightmares that the animal in the ocean could have. Remember how YouTube once was shocked by a video of some people pulling out a straw from the turtle’s nostril? That straw came from our neighborhood, ladies and gentlemen. Indonesia is now also trying to bring a new trend by creating paper straw, or recycled straw so that the usage of plastic straw can be reduced significantly.

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