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Taking Care of Rashguards? You Just Need to Follow These Five Steps

Wearing a skimpy bikini or skinny dipping sure can be fun! But the sun’s rays and the ocean can cause serious skin damage. Thus, the invention and intervention of the beloved rashguard! A rashguard protects you from abrasion in the water and the sun’s dangerous UV rays. It is ideal in the water and out, keeping you safe as you play for hours.

But taking care of a rashguard can be a bit different from taking care of other fabrics. Its elasticity and material require different treatment so that it will last longer to protect your skin.

The Cleaning Institute released a list of 5 simple ways to keep your rashguard in a good condition.

  1. Rinse your rashguard directly after use. Both salt water and chlorine can degrade a rashguard, so always rinse it in fresh water after use.
  2. Never use hot water, since it can lead to loss of elasticity. It is preferably to use cool or warm water to rinse it.
  3. Don’t wring or squeeze it too forcefully as this can also lead to loss of elasticity.
  4. Turn the rashguard inside out and hang dry it. Avoid drying it directly in the sun, as this will fade the colors.
  5. Don’t iron a rashguard. It will be wrinkle-free with just a quick shake from the line.

SeaGods wetsuit produces rashguards using the very best lycra. With a UV rating of 50 UPF, it will keep you safe and sunburn-free as you frolic in the pool, ocean or beach. Available as shirts, pants, and full-body suits, order yours today!

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