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This is How a Wetsuit Protects Your Body from Losing Heat

Our bodies lose heat faster in water than in air. This is a simple fact.┬áSeaGods wetsuit is based in Sanur, Bali. Often times the water temperature is a balmy 28 degrees Celsius / 82 degrees Fahrenheit at some of our favorite local dive sites. Yes, we know we are lucky! But even in these warm temperatures, you need a wetsuit to make the most of your dive and stay comfortable underwater. After an hour under water, you might be shivering, and I know when I’m cold underwater, I’m miserable.

The key for being happy underwater (for me) is to be WARM. And a high quality wetsuit custom-fit to my body, is the best way to enhance my dive experience.

How does a wetsuit keep you warm?

The first key to staying warm underwater is FIT. A good fitting wetsuit snugly hugs your body. This means that very little water can get into the suit. The thin layer of water in the suit between your skin and the suit will be warmed by your body and keep you toasty warm underwater.

A bad fit can mean that water flows in and out of the suit, and thus your body is warming water that is constantly being displaced. This will lead you to feel COLD!

Another consideration is thickness. Neoprene wetsuits come in a variety of thicknesses, to ensure that the suit matches both your internal thermometer and the ocean temperatures. Some people always feel overheated, some get cold easily. You will quickly discover when end of this spectrum you fall on as you dive more frequently. Your wetsuit choice should reflect this.

Sea Gods Wetsuit allows you to choose the thickness of the wetsuit. If you dive in tropical waters, like us, you might find that a 3mm suit is ideal. But if you work in the dive industry and get cold easily, you might find that even in Indonesia’s warm waters, a thicker suit is what you need to stay toasty underwater. Let us help you find the perfect suit for you and your dive conditions.

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