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Tips To Get Into Your Wetsuit Easily

We’ve all been there. Struggling to get into a wetsuit, sweating buckets, pulling at thick material, gasping for breath as we shimmy into the dreaded wetsuit. Well, there’s a quick and easy solution – make a custom suit at SeaGods wetsuit and all of your wetsuit worries will be over. Seriously! A custom suit is designed to slip on easily!

But not everyone has a custom suit, and sometimes our body shape changes with the years. So it’s always a good idea to have some tricks up your sleeve to glide effortlessly into your wetsuit.

Wetsuits are designed to be snug, this is what keeps you warm underwater, but this is also what makes putting them on so very treacherous! Here are some of my favorite tips for getting into (and out of) your suit with ease.

  1. Dunk your suit in water, or better yet, dunk yourself. A dry suit can be hard to put on! If the water temperature and conditions allow, jump in and put the suit on in the water. Neoprene is buoyant, so the suit will float as you wiggle your way into it while floating on the water’s surface.
  2. Use a plastic bag or two. Cover your feet and arms in a plastic bag to help slide the suit over ankles and wrists. Once on, remove the plastic bags and store safely in your dive bag for your next dive (don’t let them blow away – don’t add to pollution!).
  3. One of my favorite tips is to wear a rash guard or dive skin. Wearing a lycra top, pants or full body suit under your wetsuit can really help the wetsuit slide on effortlessly. It is also a great way to protect sensitive skin from neoprene. In the past, many divers relied on pantyhose – yes, pantyhose – for the same result, thankfully rash guards and dive skins give you the same results with none of the discomfort or embarrassment of pantyhose (I’m looking at you, guys!).
  4. Use a water-based lubricant. Never use 100 percent oil lubricant to slide into your wetsuit because any oil that touches your wetsuit can easily fade the color of the wetsuit. Water-based lubricants are also better for your skin and the ocean.
  5. Installing ankle and wrist zippers are also a wise step for getting into a wetsuit. Zippers also protect your wetsuits from over-stretching.

It can be hard to look graceful getting into and out of a wetsuit. But with these simple tips (and a custom suit from SeaGods), you will find it to be much easier!

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