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What is Neoprene and What are the Benefits of it?

We believe that many of you already know that SeaGods Wetsuit is the expert on creating wetsuit made of Neoprene and rashguard made of Lycra. Specifically wetsuit, we have been making it for more than 20 years now and we are still using Neoprene as our main ‘ingredients’ for our wetsuits.

But probably, many of us still have no idea what neoprene is. What kind of benefits that we can get from making a wetsuit from neoprene? First thing first, what you need to know is that neoprene has been the main materials for many wetsuit makers around the globe, including SeaGods wetsuit. Because the flexibility and the quality can endure way much longer than any other fabrics.

Besides, neoprene is relatively light and doesn’t absorb water the same way cottons or silks do. Now, what is neoprene made of? Technically, neoprene is a flexible material from a synthetic rubber and produced by a polymerization process of Chloroprene.

What is the main reason of neoprene usage? Mostly because the mechanism of the neoprene itself that doesn’t work the same way as any other clothing/fabrics. Since neoprene has a different process of production, neoprene was ‘granted’ with different thickness and layers.

These layers are going to be able to prevent the losing heat from your body. How? Neoprene is just like a condensed foam, so there are tiny air slots which can contain the air and the heat from your body. The thicker the neoprene is, the warmer you will be. Especially if you were diving in the deep ocean or icy waters.

Not only that, neoprene also has good buoyancy. So it might help the diver to keep on floating as they desire. And sometimes, if the divers decided to dive deeper they might have a weight on their neck, or just simply create a freedive wetsuit that has slick skin layer at the outside.

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