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What Not To Do With Your Wetsuit

You might have understood that having a wetsuit is just like having another clothing, it is just the way we treat it that different compare to usual clothing. But wetsuits are more complex rather than just usual fabric, so the treatment is way different.

The way we take care of it, also will determine how long it will last. It is almost impossible for us to use the same treatment, the same way of washing or the same way of drying like we do to our regular clothing. For the sake of your wetsuit and make it last longer, you might want to know what things you should not do to your wetsuit.

Using Hot Water

In some cases, you might want to have your clothing be washed using hot water. For some dense dirt or turds, hot water can be a very good solution as long as what you wash is cotton-made clothing or fabric. But please keep hot water from neoprene-made wetsuit, since it will make the wetsuit lose its elasticity way much faster than you think. You don’t want to have your wetsuit stretched and got air on your back while diving.

Using Washing Machine

Another Big no, is by using washing machine to clean your wetsuit up. Washing machine can have the same effect just like hot water, because using washing machine means that you will stir it on a tube in different directions and will make your wetsuit stretched much more.

Lending to Your Friend

Maybe it is true that sharing means caring, having a friend to have many activities with is a cool thing. But please, do not lend it to your friend. This is also the reason why we are not fully agree with wetsuit rental. Because of some reasons, some of them are lending your friend can possibly infect you with possible skin fungus or even made your wetsuit no longer available to wear especially when you lend your wetsuit to a heavier and bigger friend. That’s why you need to make special custom wetsuit in SeaGods Wetsuit so that it will fit you perfectly!

Too Long Under the Sun

We can not deny that one of the best way to avoid mould and fungi is by drying your wetsuit under the sun. But if it is too long, it will also make the color of the wetsuit fade. Especially if you do that everytime you clean it up. The best way to dry your wetsuit is by letting it been blown by wind under the shade.


This is a perfect reason to say NO. Never-ever iron your wetsuit because neoprene can have different reaction compare to usual fabric. It is also the same reason why you should not iron the rashguard. The effect of being overheated can make the wetsuit lose its elasticity. The worst part, is that your wetsuit might get burnt.

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