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Why Shoud You Choose SeaGods to Make Your Wetsuit?

Indonesia is a country that has thousands of maritime charms and is well known throughout the world. This fact ultimately allows many people to come and enjoy the existence of the sea and the islands. Where one of them is certainly the ease of finding a point to do extreme sports such as diving and snorkeling.

With the great potential of the diving tour, SeaGods Wetsuit then comes as a world-class diving apparel provider in this case in the making of diving suits (wetsuit). There are several reasons why choosing SeaGods to make your wetsuit is the best step, especially if you spend time in the ocean of Indonesia.

High quality materials

The quality of neoprene material used by SeaGods Wetsuit is one of the best components that can be designated as the main material for making the wetsuit. Professionally, the use of the wetsuit with neoprene material made by SeaGods can last up to hundreds of dives. SeaGods Wetsuit use the best neoprene as the main materials, world-class zipper to make sure it will hold the wetsuit tight and high quality Lycra to make the rashguard.

Match with all climates and temperatures

Indonesia, with its marine and climate diversity, makes significant differences in temperature in many places. In one sea area, the temperature can be quite warm, while in other locations it can be very cold. This was anticipated by SeaGods by providing different thicknesses. The higher the sea temperature in one place, the use of thinner wetsuit material will be recommended SeaGods Wetsuit also allows customers to use a special wetsuit with yellow thermal layer to anticipate the cold temperature water.

Easy to maintain

The wetsuit made by SeaGods is not a wetsuit with ‘fussy’ material to clean. The use of baby soap and clean water is more than enough to keep your wetsuit clean, and an adequate drying method will also keep your wetsuit ready to wear at any time.


Choosing SeaGods to make your wetsuit is the same as spilling your identity on the wetsuit you want to wear. SeaGods wetsuit allows consumers to choose suitable designs, such as the use of superhero designs such as Spider-man, Iron Man, and The Punisher. Furthermore, SeaGods is able to produce iconic designs on a tuxedo wetsuit.


SeaGods wetsuit understands that not all international standard wetsuits matched your body. In fact, a lot of wetsuit makers did not notice that everyone has a unique body shape. SeaGods Wetsuit allows consumers not only to have a standard design, but also allows you to have a wetsuit that fits your shape and weight with more detailed measurements on each curve as measured by the SeaGods master pattern.


At last but not least, SeaGods Wetsuit provides a warranty of up to 6 months. In order to use this time period, if there are a number of revisions to be made, SeaGods will be happy to make adjustments to the needs of consumers.

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